Sunday, May 12, 2013

For Love of Knitters!

It happened. I never thought that it would happen to me, but it happened. I tend to be a well prepared knitter and plan ahead, but it finally happened to me. . . I ran out of yarn for a project. It was quite an awful feeling. I was working on a pair of Java Socks from Knitty. It's a wonderful pattern filled with beautiful cables. It's a pattern that had been in my que for months.

I don't tend to be the kind of knitter that has to math everything in the pattern like yarn and color. I love making changes to color and making it mine. This time I was really struck by how beautiful that this pattern looked in the brown in the picture. I though that it would be nice to find a similar color. Now brown is not my color. Every once in a while I find a brown item of clothing that I really like but it's few and far between. So finding a brown that I liked was difficult they were either too light or too flat or so dark that the cables wouldn't show. Then I found it. Not brown at all but a beautiful deep reddish-purple yarn that had the deep rich earthy quality that I liked in the brown of the picture. It was Tosh Sock in Byzantine.

I cast on and got working. It really started to move along when I learned how to cable without a cable needle. I got to play the Hold My Sock Game with Willam, Detox, and Vicky Vox as I'm sure you saw in a previous post. I worked on it while visiting with family. I flew through the firsst sock and worked my way quickly down the second. Then it happened. I had 12 rows left in the foot and then the toe left when I ran out of yarn.
So that is what I was left with. I decided to send an email to work to hold another skein that had been there forever. It of course had been sold. Luckily it was suggested that I check on Ravelry form anyone who had extra left over from projects. So I started emailing anyone who had finished a project recently with the same yarn. Sadly only one person replied and then it still wasn't good news.

After that I posted in a few ISO forums. Then it happened. Someone had left over they were willing to send. to me!
Then I was able to finish my socks. I'm so happy with them. The dye lots are undetectable, they look as if nothing ever happened.
 I'm just so happy to be a Knitter and part of such a wonderful community. It just confirms that knitters are the best people in the world. So remember try and pay it forward. You could be the Knitter that saves a project or makes someone's day.

That's all for now.Happy Knitting!