Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simply Knitting Feature

Hey everyone some exciting news! Today issue #93 of Simply Knitting hits shelves in Britain today and there is a feature about Skein n' Bones. Thank you to Judy Darley for taking the time to tell my story! This issue should hit shelves in the USA by the end of May but you can always get a copy on their website,

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Character Inspiration #2

Hey everyone I thought I'd do another character inspiration post today. Today's focus....

The Skein Monsters
The Skein Monsters came about as I was getting ready to help out at Windy Knitty for the Chicago Yarn Crawl last year. I was gonna make some fun signs for the window but was kinda stumped by what to do then it hit me do pictures of yarn crawling. Hence the Skein Monsters were born. This is where Skein n' Bones really started to come together. I knew these characters would be perfect for the comic idea I had and then the format and stories started to come to me.
I hope you've enjoyed this insight to the characters. Keep checking back for more character inspirations.